What’s The Matter With All Of You?

downloadHappy new year, but one question I have to keep asking myself is, what’s the matter with all of you? Why is everyone so angry? THE Donald is coming and Hillary is gone, although I read today she’s thinking seriously about campaigning for Mayor of NY! Wouldn’t it be better if she just went away quietly and enjoyed the rest of her days with her philandering husband? Maybe that’s the reason she wants to run? She doesn’t want to spend every day of the rest of her life with a man who cheated on her more than once and with whom she has nothing in common other than running a crooked foundation that seems to fund everything from their daughter’s wedding to their trips all over the planet begging for more contributions. No matter what, Hillary, I am pleased you lost, if only to rid this country of the cronyism that has dogged politics here for decades. And then there’s THE Donald, Mr. President Elect, to those who believe he actually won. Have you ever sat and listened to a more conceited, over reactive and supercilious bully in all your life? He’s done it better, harder, faster and with more money and great results than anyone else on earth, no matter what the subject, and Donald, would you mind holding your right hand down when you talk? It’s an embarrassment that anyone who behaves like he does can lead this country without the realization of how embarrassing he actually is. Can you imagine what the scene will be like inside the Kremlin when he meets Putin? I can, they will get along just fine and the scary part is, with THE Donald’s huge ego, you just know he’s going to do his damnedest to be the best President is the history of the USA. How can he, the most upfront bighead ever to take office outside of those tin pot regimes in Africa, even contemplate being anything else other than our best ever leader? He can’t and therefore I beg you ladies and gents, stay patient, keep the faith and before you go out and build your nuclear shelter and stock up with food for 25 years in case of a pending holocaust, give Trump a chance and then when he screws up, or not, as the case may be, then and only then, come back and criticize and complain. Don’t do it now, and certainly don’t blow a fuse because your side lost. Life is all about winning and losing and not about whining and moaning like spoilt children just because your favorite lost. Time will tell after January 20th and certainly not before, so join me and hold a hand in peace and with hope that we are all still around in 2020 to see that next President enter the White House knowing that the last kept us alive and made us prosper, and let’s just hope that in 2020 there’s not a Clinton or Bush to be seen and that Trump goes back to his tower satisfied that he did the best he could without sending us all to oblivion!

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