“So Called”

downloadWe now have ‘so called’ judges here in the USA, not real judges, which leads me to believe that all the criminals incarcerated in out prison system are not real criminals, but ‘so called’ criminals, and that all our police are not real police, but….. Anyway, you get my point. At what stage does THE Donald sit down and come to the realization that he might not be the ‘so called’ President, but he’s definitely a complete and total prick? At what point does all the BS stop and at what point do we all come together and say, “fuck it, it’s time to wake up and unite?” I don’t turn on the evening news anymore. I don’t turn on the morning news anymore. I don’t turn on the TV anymore, unless it’s to watch the Real Housewives, beating each other up with never ending drama, or spending millions on extravagant and basically useless materialistic items. Oh wait, that’s THE Donald, and that’s exactly why all of our lives are now played out as reality TV, scripted or not, but amazingly chaotic. Pantomimes are shows that play live on theatre stages across the UK around Christmas time each year. A tradition, and one that I personally couldn’t stand. Google it, YouTube it, you’ll find one that takes your fancy or just pisses you off. That’s what politics has become, and not just here in America, but all over the world. Look at Holland, look at France, look at The Gambia. All these places, and many more, are being run like the circus. Corruption, fake news, incest, rape and pillage, failing economies, internal destruction, terrorism, it’s rife, and if you’ve had the chance to read the number one best selling book of all time, it’s exactly like that good book preached. Trust no one, believe in nothing, keep yourself to yourself and travel nowhere. That my friends is the only way to perhaps stay safe and lead a normal life, in this, the age of disasters, mindless killings, global warming, and waste. WE THE PEOPLE, as the declaration reads, are fucked. We have no place to go, no place to hide and we are certainly being made to believe that we have no place in this unjust country that we call home. I have told you all before, politicians are nothing but liars and cheats. THE Donald is neither. He is just a big fucking bully who’s probably never had any friends in his entire life and probably never will. I was all for change, and certainly not for Hillary, but now I am all for nothing. Let’s have a do over, let’s have some common sense, but most of all, let’s have some respect for those who are qualified by degree to perform the jobs they were put in place to do.

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