North Korea

This is my take on what’s going on with North Korea and it’s incredible charismatic leader Kim-Jon-un. He must have an incredibly small penis, oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t have said that because I am headed to the airport right now and perhaps he’s already on to me with two undercover Malaysian women ready to dab me with some unbelievably poisonous venom??

He’s a complete moron, and one can only wonder what he would be like if he took to Twitter, just like our very own complete moron, although ours seems to have a larger penis than Kim’s because so far he’s not splashed any ballistic missiles into the Pacific. With so much else going wrong on this planet, why oh why are we worried about a travel ban when this stupid idiot in North Korea is trying to blow every Japanese citizen into kingdom come. Trump, get off your fucking Iphone and get on your diplomatic high horse and stop this stupid bastard from starting world war 3. It’s on the cards, you can tell. The similarities are there from the past, but as the saying goes, ‘we learn nothing from history!’

NK is filled with the great unknown. Why? because Kim is a dictator with lots of toys and those toys are lethal. The country is starving, the borders are closed, his allies hate him and yet they still back him, and worst of all, he’s a wee boy playing big boy games without a care in the world for their consequences. Something unfortunate is about to happen and I am certain it’s not going to be pretty. So, if you’re a penis replacement surgeon in Florida or in any other part of the world and you can offer this man 8 inches instead of the 2 he already has, please call him and let’s set up his transplant with immediate effect. This my friends is our only out. I just hope he realizes that this gift of a new dick will be a bonus, because someone might want to blow him instead of him blowing us!.

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