Earth Day

Hey, it’s earth day today! Whooopee! But what exactly does that mean? Isn’t every day earth day? if not, then where the fuck are we all living? I’ve been looking at some of the events going on around the planet today. Makes for some interesting reading.

Kim Jong-un has told the world that he can completely destroy it with just three nuclear devices, all of which he’s willing to launch should The Donald not fly to Pyongyang and suck his dick. I would PAY to watch that one, the launch that is!

Over 100 Afghani troops killed by a Taliban attack on an army base near the northern city of Mazar-el-Sharif. What’s the issue there? they didn’t like the fact that the soldier had uniforms and they didn’t? or was it just a ruse to take away their shaving equipment so the “you MUST have a beard’ campaign they’ve been running quite successfully for the last 15 years, gets a well needed boost.

In Lebanon they’ve been on the streets asking that the law be abolished that exonerates any rapist who marries their victim or any other rape victim gets a pardon. In a country where many wives are often accepted, and lots of women are raped daily, they’d have no room left in their prison system for those caught in the act, and what about those poor sheep? Don’t they have a say? Sorry Lebanon, I couldn’t resist that one!

IIle Nastase, once the darling of the center court, and now the Rumanian woman’s tennis captain for today’s Fed Cup match v Great Britain, was banned for calling one of the British players a Fucking Bitch. He also slandered Serena Williams after she announced she was 20 weeks pregnant. Maybe IIle has been playing too much tennis in the Lebanon?

American airlines had a situation with a lady who wanted to bring a buggy for her twin baby’s onto their plane. The flight attendant offered to fight, fisticuffs, an intervening passenger! Maybe he should quite pushing trollies up and down the aisle of his Boeing 737 and concentrate on the MMA career he always wanted.

And what about the March for Science, held in many cities across the world today? Oh, I forgot, science is a waste of time, THE Donald told us, there’s no such thing as global warming or over dependency on fossil fuels, so it must be true and we don’t need scientists any longer.

So really, what’s today all about? The planet is doomed, I think? The people who live on it, probably the majority, don’t give a fuck what’s going on and if they do, well where are they? Why are we falling apart at the seams and why are there so few prepared to stitch her up? I’ll tell you why. The reason is that we all love our technology, our cars, our flights too and from vacation, our business trips, our nuclear bombs, our regular bombs, our guns, our processed food, our destruction of arable land, out incessant beratement of any person who is a do gooder, because most of them are doing no good at all, our continual destruction of plant and animal life, over farming, our total ignorance with regards climate control and global warming and our constant love of war, bringing nothing but death and destruction to a planet that can barely take any more.

Feeling good about earth day now? What’s the point? Why do we even have this day? To bring awareness to any of the above? To stop everything that’s wrong on this earth? No, it’s just another money-maker for those who manufacture the products we sell promoting one day in the year where products should never be sold!

A total waste of time and energy. The only earth day that should be celebrated, again in my opinion, is one where not a single shot is fired in anger, not a bad word spoken, not a tree cut down, not a single animal slaughtered, not an ounce of CO2 is spewed out into our already fragile atmosphere, and where all 300 billion pieces of plastic, a true statistic BTW, are collected from our polluted oceans so the world can maybe breath again. It’ll never happen, but hey, its earth day, so let’s give it a try!


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