I Did It My Way

Regrets? I’ve had a few, as the Frank Sinatra song says. The question is, have you? Has there been any time in your life where you’ve said, “God, if only I hadn’t done that?”

Some people I know say that to me every day, and some others, rarely, if ever at all. I myself never regret anything I have done for the simple reason, I chose to do it, so why regret it? Makes no sense to say in hindsight, “I wish I hadn’t done that” because it’s already done and you cannot take it back, no matter how hard try, and how much you want to. Fast forward to all those athletes/politicians/celebrities who continually screw up and then decide to come on TV five minutes later announcing to the whole planet that it was ‘a mistake’ and that they are ‘truly sorry’ and it will ‘certainly never happen again’. All of whom are either seeking re election, wanting a larger salary and a new contract or are shooting a movie, have had an affair with a co-star and now want reconciliation with their wife or husband. Standard procedure seems to be, “I checked myself into a clinic for sex addiction” OR, “My words have been misconstrued” OR “Honestly, I never beat her up, she fell and now we are fine” Then when interviewed some time later, and asked, “do you regret doing that?”, mostly ALL without question shy away from the answer and deflect to another subject just praying that the interviewee moves on and never comes back to their disgusting past.

When I emailed a few of my friends recently, I decided to ask about regrets they’d had in their lives and would they be prepared to stand up and discuss them in front of you, my readership. Some of the responses I received are below. Makes for interesting reading. As promised, no names are mentioned.


Friend A, ‘when you’re in your early 20’s you can do yourself a favor by doing exactly the opposite of what your brain tells you to do!”

Friend B ‘my biggest regret in life is every time I check into Facebook and speak to people I haven’t seen for 40 years, knowing I still hate them while pretending to feign interest in their now meaningless lives” OUCH!

Friend C ‘I am sorry to say that I regret every time I have been depressed because life is depressing enough without me adding to it”

Friend D “I regret a relationship I ended when I was 22 and very angry, because when you speak when you’re angry it’ll be the worst speech you ever make”

I’m sure THE DONALD has never had any regrets because he’s the best and most wonderful human that ever lived. He’s tremendous, fantastic and no one ever has done anything better. Do you think he regrets his inadequate vocabulary and his inability to be a good communicator. I was in a taxi from Westchester airport on the east coast, to Manhattan. The driver and I got talking. Turned out his best friend’s nephew was one of Trumps main attorneys in NY. Well, talk about regrets. For more than an hour, the length of the time it took to get into New York, he told me story after story on how Trump just bullies his employees, now proven by everything that’s happened in DC over the past few weeks. His staff at Trump Tower regret every Tweet that Trump has put out since he became Commander-in-Chief and have told him in no uncertain terms to shut the fuck up and get on with running the country. Do you think Trump will regret the way he’s behaved when he’s old and grey and ready to reflect on his legacy? Oh wait, he’s already old, not grey, but old.

Regrets are so easy to hide behind. It’s plain and simple choices that matter, choices you make every day. So just think about what you do before you do it and never regret it, because as I said before, you chose that direction, no one else, just you. I am off to catch a plane now before I regret writing any more crap!


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