Completely Bonkers

With my trip already booked and my bags almost packed, that idiot in North Korea has now put the world on the brink. Question is, what is going to happen, and do I go to an area of the planet that might explode into Armageddon, without warning, leaving me stranded, or even worse, stuck in a nuclear vacuum? The trials and tribulations of international travel these days. It’s so disconcerting and sometimes downright scary. One never knows where and when the next conflict will begin and with so many near escapes over the past 40 years, you have to wonder when your luck is going to run out. I have a friend in high places in one of the top governments of the western world. He tells me that action against NK will come, and come soon. We can only hope that it comes swiftly and with minimum loss of life, although any loss of life, in my opinion, is just unacceptable. But now it’s decision time. Do I stay or do I go? The gut says go, the subconscious, stay. All of this reminds me of 1990 when Saddam invaded Kuwait. There I was in the UK, traveling to the USA on business every two weeks, and within days of his invasion, all the flights were suddenly half full. Within two weeks, they were empty. Everyone stopped traveling due to impending threats or terror, which never ever materialized. One flight I made from NY to London on a 747, was just me and 20 crew. Everyone else was upgraded onto Concorde. That flight was one of the best ever, then just 5 days later on an internal flight from London to Scotland, only 3 were on board a plane that held 150. Comfortable to say the least. There’s a huge differential though between Saddam and Kim Jong-un. Saddam was thought to possess chemical weapons, which we now know was untrue, Kim on the other hand seems to have enough ammo to destroy the Korean peninsula and Japan, killing tens of millions. His flagrant disregard for the lives of those in his own country let alone those in surrounding countries, has been astounding. Firing missiles into the air that come close to taking down civilian aircraft and landing on foreign territory, with strong possibility of human and property damage. Who the heck wants to live with this situation? Why isn’t the US and it’s allies taking control and blasting this maniac off the face of our planet. Sanctions? Total nonsense. His population has been starving for years so what difference would sanctions make? None. We need to find a way to make this problem vanish, and vanish before I get on my next flight to HK this week. I would prefer doing business without the threat of death hanging over my head for a week and the obvious action would just be to cancel. But why let him win? I’d love to meet this guy in person. After a swift kick in the balls, let’s see if he’d still be as tough as he makes out to be. North Korea is a place I’ve never been, nor do I intend to go, however, the way things are panning out, North Korea might soon be a place no one can go, for a very long time!


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