What Kind Of A World Is this?

When a man in his 60’s can stand on a roof and fire at will with an automatic weapon, killing more than 50 people attending a country rock concert, for no reason at all. When 2 ladies boarding a train in Marseilles are stabbed to death just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, by a maniac with a knife and a belief that suggests an affiliation to a terrorist organization we have all come to find abhorrent. When the President of the worlds most powerful nation has nothing better to do than insult people on Twitter, and has a complete disregard for subtlety and diplomacy. When the leader os a small country, completely insignificant in most people’s mind, decides to detonate an H-bomb, just because he feels like it. When people are paying with their lives, just to cross a body of water and escape persecution caused by color, religion or war. When millions of people are living without food, water and shelter, because of natural disasters and an inability of the wealthier nations to assist in a timely manner. When our lives are seemingly controlled by what the superrich do, how reality TV portrays normality, and our fascination by everything that is meaningless. I have to ask, what kind of world is this and what have we become as a society who cares more for our gadgets, our own self-importance, our dependence on greed,  than we do for those who have so little, are always in harm’s way and will never have anything other than the clothes they wear on their backs?

We are ignorant, we are greedy, we are oblivious, we are in fact disgusting human beings for letting all of this happen. ALL of us, not just some, but ALL! No matter how much you have given,its not enough. No matter how much you care, it’s not enough, and no matter how much you try, it’s NEVER enough. Until you and I, the common people, grab hold of our planet, or society, and wring it by its twisted neck, life, the way it is run at this present moment is doomed. There is not enough goodwill on this planet to resurrect what’s already broken. The question then becomes, will there ever be a fix that makes sense or that can be adopted by everyone who lives on this spinning rock? No one ever died, that we know of, anywhere other than this planet. It’s small, it’s confined, it’s in turmoil, but at the end of the day, it’s going to survive with or without us, and at this point in time, my vote is without!


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