Cruel Way To Treat Any Animal

I’m taking my dog to the groomers today. She’ll be there about three hours. She hates it, but then again, she hates doing anything where I am not around her. She’s not timid, more set in her ways and as her bestie, she wants to do what I do, when I do it. When I pack a suitcase to leave for a regular trip, she sulks, but when I arrive home, whether it’s after one night or ten nights, she goes crazy with untempered excitement, and will not leave me alone for more than 15 seconds for fear that I might just go away again. She sleeps at the bottom of the bed, until I wake up every morning, where her head can be found resting on my shoulder. She’s manipulated her way to the top of the bed in complete stealth mode, arriving at dawn in the position she craves. Not sure how she manages this because sometimes I wake in the middle of the night to the sound of her snoring, so all credit to her guile and cunning and ability to move like the ninja she can sometimes become. My dog receives treats, great food and lots of petting, every day, deservedly so, and I get incredible enjoyment from her in return. We are both content.

Yesterday, driving home from town in pouring rain, I came across something of nightmare scenario, in my book at least. There, in a wet soaking field, lying still on his belly, a white dog (no idea what breed), guarding his sheep, drenched, sad, and unattended. This scene disturbed me immensely. It shocked me, and frankly made me mad. I know that I live on an island, I realize that I live amongst farmer, I respect that all people treat their animals differently and I also admit that I know nothing about tending sheep or cattle, but come on, what would possess any human being to leave a dog out in the freezing cold rain,(it was 42 degrees), without company, without love and without the constant attention all dogs crave? A working dog, I hear you say? So? Who cares, he’s a friend, a companion, a loved one, I hope. If not, then why put any animal, through this madness? I know that sheep need tending, but here, there are no foxes, no cougars and nothing else that would make a sheep disappear without trace, other than a human thief, and on this island, they are few and far between. We have a bunch of Coyote’s, but again, what would one dog do against 4 of them? No idea really, but it’s something I would like to ask that dog’s owner. I would also question why no shelter is provided for that dog, why, after it turned dark at 5PM last night, the dog was still there, lying soaked and looking forlorn. How can people be this cruel?

I came home yesterday and asked my dog if she realized how spoiled she was, and of course her answer could be found simply in the way she wagged her tail and jumped up on me as if I’d been away for days when in fact it had only been an hour. She has every right to be treated nicely, and so has the dog in that field. I will try to call someone today to see if what they are doing on that farm is classed as animal cruelty. I have my doubts, but I will try anyway. I cannot believe in this day and age that people are so backwards when it comes to animal welfare, or is it that I am just too soft?

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