I’m Back…. Well, maybe!

Seems appropriate to write a wee bit about Kim and trump, and yet it seems more appropriate just to ignore it. At the end of the day, it’s all a huge fix, a camera play, a photo opportunity and a desire for both leaders just to be on TV and gather more twitter followers, or whatever they do in North Korea. Probably just twits not tweets! And then there’s De Niro. What a toss-pot he has become. “Fuck Trump”, he shouted at the Tony awards last night. Well fuck him too. Free speech is great, but De Niro just took that one step too far, in my humble opinion. Trump isn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to this country, but then again, neither is De Niro, especially if you watched his last movie. Both are head strong, both are just plain juvenile. Get off our airwaves, get off your pedestal, and stick your opinions right up your backside. Trump was voted in, De Niro is just abusing his popularity. At the end of the day, we are back to us and them, the whole premise of why we are currently such a split country and one that is certainly in turmoil. Everyone wants rights, everyone is fighting for rights, but the only thing that should be right is to stop al the bullshit and try to get along with one another, internally and globally. Trump just pissed off the G7, the G7 pissed off Russia, Russia pisses off the whole planet on a daily basis and yet, here we are, stuck on earth with no place to go, not even the hope of going elsewhere, as yet, and we cannot seem to understand that this is it, this is where we all live, where we have to get our food, our water and our fuel, and this is where it’s going to remain for the foreseeable future. get along people, just get along. Live and let live, otherwise we will all perish, and that my friends, might be the best thing that could happen. What a mess we are all making, what a state this planet is in, and yet, we fight, we kill, we plunder. It never ends.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though, is it? That’s why I am back, well maybe back. Not sure how much more crap I can take from our society. I want to run for President, no one will let me. Born in the wrong country they say. My agenda would be sweeping, my policies only popular, and my behavior tolerant and appreciated. I have an idea, one that can raise awareness to our whole cause, the cause of survival. That idea is simple, it’s plainly doable and it’s a must before our current leaders blow us all to pieces or pollute us into a state of asphyxia. That idea? get rid of every elected leader on the planet, all of them, in all walks of government. Bring in young people, people with values, people who give a hoot on what’s going on. Not your rabid lefties, not your over zealous right wing wankers, bring in normal people, people that will make a difference and that do not care about power, money or belongings. Are there any such people out there? Candidates that will change all that is bad on a planet that is dying, and dying rapidly. It’s not too late, let’s agree, more of the same will not work. We need a complete change and we need it quickly. I sincerely hope that Trump makes a difference this week and I hope too that the people of N Korea get some food on their already empty plates. But my biggest hope is that we, the people, can rise up in a united manner and make changes that count for every human being, and not count changes that only assist one or two of us.


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