TV Turnoff

Fuck me! Ad after Ad for the mid term elections, every one just as insulting as the other’s and cringeworthy melodramatic BS in its extreme. Who pays to have these Ad’s made? Why are we wasting so much cash, cash that could be put to better use, more effective use and certainly splurged on some worthwhile causes that I could reel off in a heartbeat. Where I live for example, the Superpacks spent $32mil aprox of donated money on an Ad to stop people voting for an increase in the Gas tax, an increase that would wipe out the national debt in 5 minutes. And the other side spent nearly as much advertising the fact that we should vote against this proposition. And thats just the start. We have a doctor running against a failed politician for Senate. One blames the other as a failure and the other one retaliates with their own version of gilt edged slander, only for the first one to come back with more nonsense about the second one. Get the picture? Yes, well I don’t. It’s totally ridiculous what is allowed and what is accepted in these campaigns. It’s beyond a joke that we all tolerate it in the first place. Someone should add a proposition to the ballot banning all Ad’s, banning all insulting behavior and banning everything that has become crass in US politics, BOTH parties, the Republicans and Democrats. One is just as bad as the other, if not worse. It stinks. There’s a smell of shit from the top to the bottom of the political specter here in America, a smell that just refuses to go away and indeed has become stronger as time has gone on. As I mentioned, both sides are to blame, both are just liars and cheats and both are run by goons who can only be described as muppets. What is a Paid Political Ad and why do people contribute towards them anyway? Have you ever given up one dollar to secure advertising for any of these moronic efforts that are only trying to deceive?  And how do we the public learn who is telling the ruth anyway? It’s almost impossible. America, as I have said many times, you are a truly fucked up nation. There is absolutely nothing that is United about the United States, except the money. Every State is run inefficiently and by imbeciles who only care about their own power and glory. All you have to do is look at Trump. He’s running around the country on my money and yours too, telling everyone lies and filling our TV screens with deceit when he should be back in Washington running the bloody country. They say he’s fighting for control of the Senate. They say he’s assisting all GOP candidates in their quest to be elected. They say he’s out campaigning. TOTAL CRAP. Trump is a clever juvenile who loves to see himself emblazoned on our TV screens every night for his own self delight. Fake news? Fake Trump, and fake everyone else who has anything to do or say in this cloak and dagger world we call politics. America, you are fucked. You are never coming back from this garbage and it’s only going to get worse unless you all stand up and kick these muppets to touch. DO NOT vote. Stay home. Make a statement. Don’t let these fools run your lives any longer, unless there is change, and change that’s worth while and acceptable. Turn off your TV’s, yes, they know when you’re doing that, they have ways and means to tell. Turn off your volume if you won’t turn off the pictures, do not listen to them, it’s a disgusting circus without any ways or means to entertain. It’s the mid terms, and it’s a complete bloody joke. Fire everyone and give me back my sanity. Most of us are addicted to the in’s and out’s of the way we are run by Washington. We should not be addicted, we should be disgusted and we should act and act now. It’s really time to change everything, from top to bottom. The young people growing up in today’s society and really all we have to make this change happen. Boot out the old cronies, the hangers on, the lifetime politicians and let’s have some new blood, blood that cares and can run this corrupt society we have morphed in to. Get to 50? Fuck off and don’t come back. Don’t get elected, fuck off again and don’t come back. Win and election and get into the Senate or the House, spend your term doing what you’re supposed to do and do it with diligence and honesty, THEN fuck off and don’t come back. Make a difference and then let a younger man or woman do it better. New blood, new ideas, and an evolution that is nearly perfect, and if not perfect, revolutionary.

Now it’s time for me to fuck off and wash the car before it pisses down with more political advertising that will dirty not only my mind by my whole demeanor.

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