Homelessness in Seattle

This just sums the situation up beautifully. Why the council here in Seattle are unable to get this right, God only knows.




McStarving sat, with her large sign, larger belly and even larger dog

Begging for McNuggets, outside, in the autumn’s warmth

Putting on a show for all who believe in fairytales

Looking sad, then happy, then even happier, as her dog was offered a McBone


Impossible, sang those who rushed by, with more important chores to finish

Majority decision, though some kindly stopped and thought

Second chance in the center of a huge McFlurry of people

Leaving a dollar bill by the side of her chutzpah


And then, the sign changed, she was now homeless and in need of beer

A more honest approach for the remainder of this passing crowd

Finding instant success in the form of a half finished McBeer

Guzzled quickly, and then passed on to her now thirsty mutt for completion


Three hours later, and yet another sign, McStarving and McAddict

All of a sudden, a multi tasker, looking for a serious McJob

Given donations, by a now seriously annoyed and sullen fan base

Returning from a McBeating by relieving their McConscious on a McFake



© Alan Zoltie

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