Climate Change Seems To Breed Ignorance











Climate Change


There are doubters, believers and the ignorant few

Some are just stupid, but that we all knew

Stating the obvious, living with this change

Out of control in a dangerous stage


Man, oh how stupid and how totally blind

Armageddon around the corner, payback in kind

Choosing to ignore what is obvious and close

Just the beginning of a mega lethal dose


Some leaders embrace and have voted for reversal

Other’s insisting this isn’t even a dress rehearsal

Denying all cause and all reason to help

Why can’t we leave comments for all of them on Yelp


This isn’t much fun as the sun scorches our earth

There’s no happiness in watching our planet starve to death

Forests that used to be luscious and green

Homes that were these and no longer can be seen


Wildlife just dying and possibly soon to be extinct

When asked what an elephant was, our kids will have to think

It’s not funny, it’s quite sad and in fact a disaster

Just listen to your conscience and that nightly newscaster


Five degrees more or even two or three less

It really matters not, we are just in a mess

With oceans bubbling over and an ice cap that’s shrinking

Homelessness for millions, that’s what we’re predicting


Doomsday upon us, though all doubters deny it

Politicians so fickle they really don’t buy it

Yet the evidence is clearer than the mud that is sliding

No place to run and no place to be hiding


I spoke to a man who then spoke to his partner

“It’s a cycle” he said, and I thought he was smarter

Where all common sense has deserted the masses

Must be the change in the climate’s essential gasses




No oxygen, no land and too much carbon dioxide

Leaving nothing but chaos and the inevitable class divide

With those who believe running fast to the hills

And those who deny taking more fashionable pills


It just blows my mind how stupid man has become

Too slow to walk and too fast to run

Looking over a shoulder that can sense danger and an ending

Really, are we certain this is a message to be sending?


Get to grips with this issue as fast as you can

My words are directed to Trump and his clan

You’re supposedly smart, though I doubt it for real

It’s your stupidity I see and your ignorance I feel


For the sake of this planet and those who’ll come after you

Stop all this posturing and playing the fool

Come out from that hole where you’ve buried your head

Do it soon or even faster, before we’re all dead


It’s time to depart with some sobering thoughts

If it wasn’t for politics and the madness it’s bought

We’d maybe be OK or in sight of our goals

Instead we just listen and look only like fools


So talk to the people who have lost everything they own

Talk to the animals, no longer able to roam

Talk also to our God, wherever he might be

Because if you don’t do it real soon we’ll have no land and no seas



Alan Zoltie December 6, 2018

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