Super Snooze

Decided not to watch that nonsense they call the Super Bowl, but in the end, I succumbed to an on/off kind of viewing experience, watching about 10 mins of the first half, none of the half time show and then most of the second half, in the hope that LA managed to do something to upset the New England Cheaters, sorry, I mean Patriots. It never happened and although I have to admit that Brady and Belichik are the greatest of all time, (that comment alone saddens me greatly even though I don’t follow the game), the whole experience was a snooze fest from beginning to end. The commercials were just pathetic, I firmly believe these companies try far to hard to emulate past glories, the game itself, awful, just boring, and the ending, when 3 ex players slowly walked the trophy towards the victorious owner and coach, just downright puke worthy. Why on earth do Americans put up with all this crap? Good question? They don’t know any better! It’s simple. The NFL has become, in my opinion, a laughing stock. The whole world is laughing, not just a few, but millions of outsiders who look at the circus this event has become, with complete disdain and contempt. Pathetic isn’t a strong enough word to describe how ridiculous it is to see Tom Brady waiting aimlessly with his hands buried in his pockets, begging for the Ref to allow him to continue playing, but only once that same Ref receives the go ahead from the TV Gods that all the commercials are finished. Horrendous, absolutely disgusting and confusing too. A game that lasts 60 minutes is played over four and a half hours! BORING!

I pitied the 100,000 os so who were at the game, with 75,000 in the seats and about 25,000 on the field of play! What are all these people doing on the field anyway? It’s truly amazing that this, the show-game of the season, the cup final, the biggest sporting event in America, has become a laughing stock. Twitter exploded last night with negativity, not only towards Adam Levine and Maroon 5, but also towards the lack of thrills and spills in a game that really put everyone to sleep. Name me one exciting thing that happened after Gladys Knight, minus her Pips, sang the national anthem? Nothing happened, truly nothing.

I urge any of you reading this, who have never watched a soccer game from the UK or any other country for that matter, to tune in and feel the atmosphere, breathe in the excitement and savor the action. Yes, I hear all you Yanks, ‘but a no score is so boring” The answer is, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Really, no idea. I have been to soccer games witnessing more excitement as the players run on to the field before kick off than there was in the 4.5 hours we watched last night. I still cannot understand why Americans call it Football. No feet are used. It’s hand ball. They present the trophy to the winning owner, why? Surely it’s the players who deserve the trophy, not the owner? After all, what did he do, other than make millions of dollars from their efforts!

America, get a grip, get a life and quit on this farce while you can. It’s become an event to miss and not one to look forward to. I cannot stress enough how deplorable the circus surrounding this whole experience was lest night, and I’m omitting the fact that in the build up there was 2 weeks of repeated dribble spoken about each team, again and again, stating the obvious, whoever scores the most points, will win! Give me a break, and take a leaf out of the world’s most popular sport, football! Real football, where being a world champion means that you’ve beaten the best on the whole planet and not just one team from the only country who plays the sport.

And on a closing note, congrats to Brady, you really are the GOAT. You deserve all the accolades and you and your Coach B can relax for the rest of your lives knowing that what you’ve accomplished will never be repeated or beaten. Well done.

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