#SoldOut Raising Funds and Awareness

I recall many years ago standing on the terraces at Hampden Park, Glasgow with 145,000 other rabid fans, waiting for the teams to come out of the tunnel to begin the annual Scotland v England ‘Home International’ football,(soccer), game. There would always be 140,000 Scots and about 5,000 English fans in attendance. As a Scot, born and bred, I was brought up, just like the majority of others who were standing around me, to ‘hate’ the English with a vengeance. It was just part of our parochial culture at that time, and probably still is today, although I have not lived in Scotland for 40 years and with the demise of Scottish football and an awareness that political correctness is now the order of the day, perhaps the ferocity of that hatred has mellowed. The two teams, now standing in the center of the field, would face the main stand, where all the dignitaries were seated, and the British national anthem would begin, God Save the Queen. This was before the Scots were allowed to sing their own anthem, a change in protocol that occurred some years later. The band, yes, a real brass or bagpipe band, would strike up the first chord and immediately there would be a wall of noise emanating from the Scottish support just booing as loud as possible at the UK anthem. It completely drowned out the band and any semblance they had in mind of being heard as a unit. We hated that anthem, supposedly, and we all gave it little or indeed no respect. Within seconds, our vocal distaste of everything that the British Monarchy stood for was demonstrated by this blasphemous howling and booing which seemed to last an eternity, but which in fact lasted only about 120 seconds, the length of the British national anthem being quite short. Once over, the game began and the fact that 140,000 Scottish football fanatics had remonstrated vocally against our forced inclusion under the monarchy we all loved, or at least some of us loved, was soon forgotten as the football took over and blood and guts was then spilled on the field of play rather than on the streets of Glasgow. It should also be noted that while the anthem was sung by the players on the field from the England team, all the Scottish team just stood in silence, some smiling, some not, but to a tee, not one of the Scottish team would sing along. It was an unwritten rule, followed religiously. Silent protests against supposed oppression, acceptable and respected throughout the world. No harm done, no one to cry foul. Until now!

When Colin Kaepernick knelt down for the Star Spangled Banner whilst playing for the San Francisco 49rs some two years ago, the whole world, at least the world that surrounded American Football and Donald Trump, went berserk, and for what reason? Well as far as I can tell, the National Anthem was never played at any sporting event before the end of the second world war. And even after that, there were sports events in the USA where the anthem remained just a figment of everyone’s imagination, laying silent as battle commenced on the field of play. So why, all of a sudden, after Kaepernick and some of his fellow Pro’s decided to protest, quite justifiably in silence to make what has turned out to be a very relevant point on an issue that has haunted this country for generations, has the President of the United States and the owners of some of the football teams where protests have been continual and well publicized, lost the plot by telling players they will be fired if they continue to ‘abuse their privilege’? There is not one reason on earth why anyone should be forced to alter their beliefs, especially those who feel threatened or abused and more especially inside a country that not only preaches pure democracy and a right to free speech to the whole planet, but a country that encourages its populous to be vocal in the form of protest when under threat of unjustifiable racism. Racism is rife in America. You can smell it in the streets, it’s a pollution that has become silent in its poisoning of its population. Racism cannot be tolerated, hatred of anyone, any race, any creed and any color has to be kicked out, but, unfortunately, and in the opinion of this author, it’s just being swept under an already filthy carpet, where, when the dust is uncovered, it becomes a mountain of trash that is becoming ever worse and unstoppable, fueled by a President and government that just turns a blind eye and looks the other way whilst telling us all, quite disingenuously that there is absolutely nothing wrong! Well, not much!

My guitar teacher Tony, remember him from the first article I wrote last week, inspired me to make the lapel pins you see in the image above. The players protesting and following in the footsteps of Kaepernick, have a right to do so. It’s not disrespectful, it’s poignant, it’s their human right, it’s peaceful and most importantly, it’s something they believe in. However, it seems if these protests carry on players will be fired or, and I say this with the utmost respect, the President will have to intervene personally, something not one of us would like to see happen.

With all of this in mind, I have this idea, not only to raise the awareness to a very great cause, but to raise money for charities associated with racism and the profound effect that racism still holds on our society. The #SOLDOUT will soon display the pins pictured above for sale, to make people aware that there is genuine suffering out there, whether it be in the murdering of Jews in Pittsburgh, or the simplicity of daily senseless traffic stops on innocent African Americans, it matters not. We have a right to protest, so by wearing this pin, our protests shall be seen, and by the money we raise, out protests shall be heard.

Keep reading this blog for more updates and check out our Instagram #soldout to get your pin.

If there are any athletes, well known or otherwise and or charities, who would like to be considered as spokes people for this idea, please get in touch. Colin Kaepernick, if you read this please know that I have tried in many different ways to contact you because I believe you should lead this movement, but to date, no response.

Thank you everyone.

How Would You Choose To Trim Your Pussy???

IMG_0191The door opened and I walked in, my eyes immediately fixed on this poor wee pussy cat. Looking once, then twice, and then once again at an aberration, which was facing me dead on in this strangers hallway. I’d never been in this home before, nor would I ever be coming back, but within moments I was captivated, shocked and desperate to take pictures of. what seemed to be, one of God’s little mistakes. How wrong was I?

Missy, we were now on first name terms, is a Persian cat with an incredible story to tell and one that was worth writing about. She’d just been shaved, as you can tell from the pictures. Why? Well her fur had become so long and matted that her shape was beyond recognition, and so, after a quick trip to the groomers’ store, this was how she ended up! Fluffy at the head, fluffy at the tail and well…….. well the rest you can see.

Her mother, a grayish white version of the same breed, patrolled the hallway just in front of Missy, the only daughter she had left from the litter she bore less than 5 months ago. Alert, snuggly and very curious, she seemed to roll her eyes in disgust as yet another visitor gave preferential treatment and attention to her daughter. She’d seemingly seen it all before, this little bald cat, the center of everyone’s affection. And I was just like the rest of those who had entered before me, iPhone at the ready, snapping what would be the first of many pictures, just to be certain this moment could be shared and remembered for all eternity.

I asked her owner why so short? The response? Well it came in spurts, but the long and the very short is, Missy either got shaved or she would have died on the fur balls she was chewing every day. Her own fur! So now, with mother in close proximity, her flesh exposed from the loss of hair and her sights set on an extended stay in Los Gatos, Missy is alive and well and enjoying her new-found bald spots, all of which have saved her life, for the time being.

Not a sight for sore eyes, but a sight that made happy eyes very sore from all laughing I did just imagining what a trend setter this cat could end up being. She could start a band called Shaved Pussy. She could join the BRAVO TV show, Shahs of Sunset, as the most intelligent Persian poosie on the cast. She could be the first cat to be invited to try Bosley hair replacement, and finally, she could have been the first cat ever to swallow a whole ball of wool and give birth to mittens!



Falling Apart

downloadMy friend Esther is 95, in fact she will be 96 this coming week, and if you looked at her you wouldn’t think her capable of anything other than good conversation. This pre-judgment however would be a gross misunderstanding of exactly who she is and where she has come from. Taking a quick look at a very frail but cognitive lady, with silver-grey hair, wrinkled skin and a very slow deliberate walk, would perhaps give one the impression that Esther is not too long for this world. Making a hasty decision from the way she peers relentlessly over the top of her spectacles, might just leave you with the impression that Esther can’t see past her own nose. All of the above would give cause for just brushing her aside as just another old foggie, just one more pensioner who has outlived their use on this planet, just an old withered lady, looking to pass time until time passes her. But, upon closer inspection there lies an incredible human being who has led the most unbelievable life and who, without doubt, is one of the most interesting and athletic people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. You see Esther is no ordinary 95-year-old. Esther is special, she is an anomaly, she defies nature and she is the only person, even at this incredible age, who I know that can put both her legs behind her head in the yoga position called Dwi Pada Sirsasana !

Esther was born in Los Angeles, has lived in Seattle, San Francisco and Santa Rosa, and right up to the age of 90, was in her element when traveling the globe with her son and daughter to places like Africa, for safari, South America, to see the Galapagos Islands, and even to Palm Springs, where, up until last year, she could be found on a retreat for the over 80’s, practicing wellness and yoga and also attending lectures on how to create an inner karma which she says has kept her going to this ripe old age with nothing more than the occasional cold. Esther’s life has been charmed, her ability to share her life with her friends and family, charming, and her thirst for knowledge and willingness to be true to her beliefs, ignoring modern medicine and sticking mainly to eastern or asian methods to cure her minuscule ailments, tantamount to her success in attaining 95 years on the planet. But if you ask Esther what her biggest regret is or what the most important thing her 95 years have taught her? Her immediate response is, “No one ever told me how difficult it would be to live in a 95-year-old body with a 25-year-old mind” This is something she has struggled with for more than the last decade, and even with her ability to enjoy relatively great health, she tells me constantly when we go for our monthly lunches, that living in a body which is incapable of doing what the mind wants it to do, is nothing but degrading and disturbing. She would even go so far as to say humiliating. Coming from Esther, that’s pretty harsh, but it got me to thinking how I would cope when and if I am lucky enough to attain the ripe old age of 90, which by the way, I don’t see as being old. To me 110 plus is what I want to aim for, and intend to achieve.

At the age of 54, my mind is as sharp if not sharper that it’s ever been, and my body, well my body seems to be working in the fashion for which it was designed, with nothing other than an odd ache and pain. The aches and pains are complimentary to the physical abuse I give each limb in my daily work out routine, but in general, I feel like a teen, or perhaps 20 something, running around unashamed of the 54 years that I actually bare. My thoughts go back to my early years when my peers were continuously telling me ‘wait until you get to 50’ or ‘you’ll not be doing that when your my age’ To be honest, it scared the crap out of me that one day I might be like them, but now that I am them, I am nothing like I remember them being and I am certainly not telling anyone that they should be wary of turning 50 or older due to the ailments that might haunt them at that age and into later life. No, I am positive that my body is just a younger version of Esther’s and that 110 is definitely possible. Falling apart has not happened to me, well not yet anyway, and even through thick and thin, with injuries, ailments and disease, I have recovered, often at break neck speed, and come back even stronger than I was before being afflicted.

30 was mentally horrible, 40 was nothing and 50 was just a breeze. I am convinced that the more you look after yourself, the easier it becomes to approach and accept old age, and although no one can predict accidental death or terminal illness, living is what we are here for, so why not try to live as long as possible? I have never smoked, drunk alcohol or done drugs. I rarely take pills for illness, and Esther tells me exactly the same thing about her life. No chemicals, and no ambition to die early. I want what she has, she says ‘don’t wish for what you want because what you want might not be what you expect.’ There is no doubt in my mind that she is one of a kind, I intend to make it two of a kind and therefore common place.

I have little time for those who are my age who complain about minor aches and pains. I have even less time for those who sit around moping or those who have become inactive. To be like my friend Esther takes courage, guts and discipline. Do you have what it takes? Do you want to make it to 90? Some say yes, others I know really don’t care. I for one have a goal, hopeful a goal that will make sense and be enjoyable, and although Esther has been very clear with her willingness to be truthful and honest I still believe that her experience will not be mine and that when I do eventually make it to 110, I will be as active then as I am right now.

Happy birthday Esther!

I am taking a short break. No more blogging for about a week. See you after that!

Erected Official

431brute_herIt’s official. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23954447

The House of Parliament in London recorded 300,000 attempts to access porn on the internet last year from within its sacred walls. This isn’t a figure that’s staggering to me, it’s absolutely fucking mind-blowing!! Our, (sorry I am no longer a voting UK citizen), their elected members of parliament, the ‘right honorable’ so and so’s who plead nothing but righteousness and an affinity to the almighty while they stand side by side during election time, are now guilty as sin having been caught red-handed and with no place to hide. What a bunch of slime balls.  I don’t care if they look at porn, in fact it seems to have been part and parcel of being an elected official in the UK since the beginning of time. Just look at Henry VIII et al, for confirmation that power leads directly or indirectly to fornication, or in this case, pornication!

With technology the way it is, and with privacy a thing of the past, why on earth would these MP’s believe that they could get away scott free accessing on-line porn while supposedly serving their constituents, the very people who are paying their salaries!! There are thousands of people who work at Westminster, over 5000 to be precise, and although the figures banded about today cannot pinpoint any one particular culprit, I would suggest that one or two MP’s must be quaking in their boots in the hope that they will never be ‘found out.’ UK parliament is one of the oldest though not always wisest, bastions of government on the planet, dating back over 500 years and the language used inside and out of the main chamber of debate, The House Of Commons, is to say the least, rather different to that used any other place on earth. I can only imagine the conversations taking place behind very closed doors after this expose.

“Would the right honorable gentleman for Peckam North either confirm or deny he has a subscription to Love Island Mamma’s. OR would he prefer we call out to this house, his continued badgering of that well-known web cam he seems to frequent all too often I might add, Amber’s Seedy Hothouse, whilst ungluing the pages on his lap top with a wet sponge! ” Uproar, pandemonium and disbelief, would be the order of the day. Parliament would be in a state of shock, the Speaker would have a heart attack and the Queen would be called upon to dissolve and then dismiss all 650 MP’s for the greater good of the Commonwealth.

Yes, porn is easy to access, and it’s here to stay. As one friend of mine always told me, “3 things sell newspapers, Sex, Sports and Diet” This is a scandal and one that might run and run. It’s the tip of a very large iceberg and as I sit here writing this column I wonder how many elected officials outside of Anthony Weiner, in the USA, have their computers infected with remnants of porn surfing exasperation? How much of our tax payers dollars is wasted on porn? Dies anyone care to know? Does anyone really know? I am all for an erection in the afternoon, except when it’s my money that’s paying for someone else’s pleasure. We should not take for granted the effects that porn might have on our elected houses. After all time spent looking at naked women or men for that matter, is time taken away from our desire to right this sinking ship of a nation. If these people in the UK want a quickie, then take an hour or two at night in your own apartments and strum our to a five-finger boogie on your own time. I’m also sure that women are just as guilty as men, indeed I heard last week they brought out a new pill for ladies who desire instant results when surfing porn on-line. It’s called Niagara. Apparently they take two and it keeps them wet for a whole week!

To all those MP’s in Great Britain who feel the need to look at porn, I sincerely hope that none of you are in the defense department, after all, we don’t want any missiles going off prematurely, do we!

This Story Made Me Piss Myself!

Shenzhen public urinal users face fine for poor aim

Two men use the urinals inside the re-fitted public toilet in London's Oxford Circus, Friday 20 May, 2005. Chinese media called into question the need for a law on the issue

Officials in Shenzhen, China, will fine public toilet users 100 yuan (£10;$16) if they are deemed to have failed to urinate accurately in city facilities.

New laws that come into force next month in the southern city do not specify what amount of spilled urine would be classed as a violation.

The move has provoked derision and debate in local newspapers and on China’s version of Twitter, Weibo.

Critics suggested toilet inspectors would be needed to enforce the rules.

The regulations were designed to curb the “uncouth use of a public toilet”, a city government official told the AFP news agency.

The Beijing Times carried a commentary calling into question the necessity of making a law on something that could “be simply guided by social consensus”.

We aim to please, would you aim too please? The story above, picked up on the BBC today, grabbed my attention. If you’ve never been to China, you’re the lucky one! 35 years ago when I started going there, urinals were a nuisance. People just pissed or shit in the streets. No word of a lie. I recall sitting in a car watching this woman shower in a gutter in the center of Shanghai right in the middle of a torrential downpour and as she finished, she got up and took a shit while being ogled by every man and his dog, sitting this massive traffic jam caused by that same monsoon. I also noticed on many occasions that mothers teach their babies to shit by dressing them in pants which boast a split across their rear, enabling them to squat anywhere anytime in case of emergency or otherwise, but helping them to become confident and regular without any of the diaper BS we put our own kids through. More often than not, those particular children just wandered to the side of the road, and, like a dog, did their business before rejoining their mothers who in turn never bother to clean up their child’s mess. I’ve also been in many factories over the years, where urinals are just a hole in the ground or a stream of water flushing continually through a makeshift open latrine, excrement flowing freely underneath your nose as you try hard to relax and piss on top of the next guy’s hot steamy shit. Whoosh! it flies past at the speed of last night’s curry, while you stand, penis aloft trying not to look, holding your breath (which is about to read ‘vomit now’ on the Richter scale), from the smell of human waste that seems to then stick inside your nostrils for weeks on end.
And so, to read the above article today, after non stop laughter for about 30 minutes, I had to blog this and tell you all that the Chinese as a nation really don’t give a flying fuck if they hit the right spot or not when they go to pee. The get in, get out, and get on with their lives without a care in the world. If they dropped a little on the floor, sometimes a lot, or whether they reek of anything other than cigarettes and piss for the rest of that particular day, they just don’t care.  On top of their continual spitting in the streets, or sidewalks, or their irreverence when it comes to disposing of litter in any kind of manner that would suggest common sense, this effort by the local authorities to clean up Shenzhen, a place I visit at least 4 times every year, will, in my opinion, fall not only on deaf ears, but on erratically held penises. (Yes that is the plural, I googled it!)
God bless China and all who piss on her. You deserve one another. I like the idea that they are trying to clean up what is undoubtably the world’s largest shit hole, but trust me, no one who lives their, other than western idealists, who are by far in the majority, gives a flying fuck what anyone does when they piss or shit in Shenzhen. Not even the people who are charged with cleaning up after them. And if they do decide to take aim and fire accurately, then God help the unemployment lines. There would be 5 million toilet cleaners out of work in an instant!Technolo7

Obama Get Lost

I’m incensed. I am so fed up with watching the news, all of which revolves around a president who is clueless. He’s inept, he’s badly advised and he’s really barking up the wrong tree with his Obama care that comes into force 12 months from now. As I’ve said before, I am no Republican and certainly not a Democrat, but for goodness sake, there has to be an alternative. Case in point, NBC nightly news, 20 minutes ago, here on the west coast. NBC is not exactly a ‘right’ wing station, in fact it’s more to the left of center, and certainly not anywhere near as inflammatory or controversial with its reports as Fox news. Tonight however they had a real dig at Obama, someone they supported for election and re election, and tonight they got it absolutely correct.

Here’s the deal. Every small business in the USA will have to guarantee health care for all employes who work 30 hours or more, supposedly starting this month but now put back a full year for some obscure reason. (Probably because Obama realizes he fucked up. More likely for some other political reason) Now I own a small business, and I employ one person who works more than 30 hours, so this new law affects me, as much as it does the guy who owns 25 Subway sandwich restaurants in Maine. He, the Subway owner in Maine, has decided, and he said it live on TV tonight, that he is going to cut all his employees hours to 29 per week in order to save the cost of him providing health care. Camera swings to an employee who’s been with this company 10 years, lives on his own and can barely meet his rent and grocery bill payments every week. The interview continues. They ask the Subway employee what he’s going to do, and how he feels about losing, not only his hours at the restaurant, but also his health care. The man is livid, but not with employer. There are over 50 of his colleagues in the same boat and the article then goes on to share with us that many other business’s across the country are going in the same direction. So, Obama, who reiterates regularly that he is FOR the people, supposedly is now ruining their lives with this stupid health care law that wasn’t going to work from the get go. This law is BS. His staffer and economic advisor then stated clearly that there are only a few companies who are going to ‘suffer’ like the Subway chain in Maine. Nonsense! Every business owner in the country is going to suffer!!!

This idiotic short-sighted government are disappearing so far up their own arseholes, it’s not funny to even pretend that they know what they’re doing anymore. They have lost touch with sanity and have crumpled like a pack of cards into insanity. Why would anyone with any business savvy see any sense in what Obama is doing and follow it to the letter of the law and lose money?? This law will stifle entrepreneurs for many decades to come, unless someone with common sense comes in and repeals it. We, small business owners, the middle class, the class who pay most of this countries taxes are fucked.  Obama should resign, all of congress should quit. Let someone with common sense run this country. Let me have a go, I’m sure my policies would please everyone from the rich to the poor. I have a simple philosophy, if you don’t work, then fuck off and find a job. If you can’t find a job, try harder. I have seen too many capable people looking for handouts and not jobs and too many who work too hard suffering the consequence with continual contributions toward those who can’t be bothered. Our system is failing. Our beliefs, erratic. Our government, OLD and Decrepit. Some of our cities are rife with unemployment, and I am sorry for those who have no chance of finding work under any circumstance, but with this law, there will be even more of us doing the same, going from day to day looking for some way to make a living, all because Obama can’t control a government spiraling rapidly towards communism.

The cost and necessity to provide health care should not affect a man’s ability to run his or her’s business. It should be provided free, where possible, and where not, then it should be provided at a reasonable cost, but not to the man who has taken his life savings and started a company to give other people employment. It should be provided by our GOVERNMENT! And by the way, I have no respect for all the health care companies and drug companies out there who are making billions of dollars with little thought for those who have nothing and without thinking twice about charging $5000 for an MRI that really costs $100 and for a drug that is $400 per pill but which costs $10 to produce. Don’t give me any grief about R and D costs to make this drug work in the first place. It’s nonsense and its profit gouging at it’s worst.

Obama, you are to blame, and as the gentleman at the economic institute who closed out tonight’s article clearly stated, the issue with employers cutting hours will get worse over the coming months, leaving those on the bread line in abject poverty within a year. Sadly, I believe him, unfortunately those who count, our government, don’t give a shit.


PS. I have just been reliably informed that this law applies only to companies with over 50 employees. I didn’t know that and the article on NBC didn’t make it clear. However, think of those who run business’s like the Subway franchise in Maine. This man has put his life and soul into expanding his franchise and giving employment to more than 50 people only to be rewarded with a health care ‘tax’?? Seems very unfortunate and a tad unfair, don’t you think?

My thanks to Billy for updating me on the exact nuances relating to Obama care. Obama can still get lost because one way or another his law gives small business no incentive to expand beyond that magical 50 employee mark! No wonder this country is in trouble!

Blog Complete

New design is complete, hope you like it. Posts will commence in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, please enjoy some pictures that I took in my back yard. I’ll post more later this week. Oh, and if you get a chance, drop me a wee line and let me know what you think of the new color scheme?

Back after my Alaska trip!

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